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EdlMax Version 9.1 

Designed by professionals for professionals, EdlMax is the most comprehensive edit data management application available.

EdlMax is available in two versions - EdlMax24 for Edl management, and EdlMaxPro, to add Omf and Ale support.





EdlMax24 is a complete Edl management application for format translation, editing and manipulation, cleaning, optimization, and frame-rate conversion between 30, 25, and 24fps.




EdlMaxPro adds Omf and Ale management to the Edl features of EdlMax24,.providing conversion between Edl, Omf, and Ale. The unique Omf to Multi-Edl feature. automatically creates Edls from selected tracks of an Omf.



EdlMax Software Development Kits

The EdlMax SDKs make the proven Edl, Omf, and Ale capabilities of EdlMax available to manufacturers and system integrators. The SDKs encapsulate the EdlMax engine in c++ and extern "C" APIs for inclusion in your programs.

MaxEdlSdk is a software development toolset for enabling EDL capabilities within your application. It includes the essential processing tools to build professional EDL support into your product.

Rapid Transit OnePass Digitizer

RapidTransit™ OnePass Digitizer Simplifies High Volume Media Workflows. OnePass provides customers, OEMs and integrators with the crucial tool to bridge the gap between customer workflows and Avid systems. a scalable cost-effective digitizing solution for Avid ‘Native’ media. ONEPASS enables unattended digitizing with timecode break betection, automatic RS-422 VTR control configuration and automatic timecode location.



MaxMediaSdk is an SDK for handling Omf and DirectShow video and audio media. It converts between multiple, associated, Omf media files and Directshow formats, maintaining video/audio synchronization.
MaxOmfSdk is a development kit for supporting Omf and Ale in your product. Its robust and proven Omf capabilities can make Omf support in your programs a reality. It supports compositions and embedded audio media.