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Interchange Standards

Interchange standards are at the heart of production technologies. Edit data management relies on the successful exchange of data from one stage of production workflow to the next. This is true for all aspects the the industry, from video and audio formats and codecs to complex container technologies.

The work of standards bodies who develop and maintain these specifications are crucial to the continued advancement of production, post production, and distribution technologies.

Brooks Harris, president of EdlMax, is directly involved in the development of edit data exchange formats and standards. He is member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), Audio Engineering Society (AES) and the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) (formally the AAF Association)

Harris has served on several SMPTE commitees:

Harris was a contributing member to the EBU / SMPTE Task Force for Harmonized Standards for Exchange of Program Material as Bit Streams. These documents give an excellent overview of the challenges presented in the creation of the modern digital studio and provide a "roadmap" for the creation of interchange specifications. Many of these recommendations are now finding their way to standardization.
Final Report: Analyses and Results - August 1998

At AES, Harris was co-chairman and primary author of AES31-3 Audio Decision List (Adl)

EdlMax is a Developer of Advanced Authoring Format (AAF)

EdlMax has been involved with Open Media Framework (Omf) for many years.

The development of interoperability standards is a collaborative effort through due process. Informed contributions from all concerned is essential to the success of a format. We encourage qualified and concerned professionals to become involved in the standards process.

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