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MaxEdlSdk Toolkit is an OEM development toolset for enabling Edl capabilities within your application. It can generate, write, and read industry standard GVG, CMX, and Sony edit decision lists.

MaxEdlSdk is a c++ DLL with an  extern "C" API to facilitate flexible integration into your products. The heart the DLL is the EdlMax Edl engine, the most reliable and sophisticated Edl processing available.

The API is designed to make your Edl development straight forward using familiar programming techniques and sophisticated Edl function calls.

Just instantiate the MaxDll object and allocate mxEventStuct Edl data structures as required. Call mxCreateEvent() or mxGetNextEventData() to create or retrieve Edl entries. Call mxCompleteList() to apply cleaning, conversion and processing. Finally call mxLoadList() or mxSaveList(). Client callbacks provide methods for display, messaging, error handling, and security.

The toolkit includes a complete Edl application illustrating the use of all aspects of MaxEdlSdk.

Please email us for licensing information: sales@edlmax.com.

Selected MaxEdlSdk API calls:


Instantiate the MaxDll Object and initialize client supplied callbacks

mxSetTVStnd Set the TV Standard (NTSC/PAL)
mxGetTVStnd Get current TV Standard setting (NTSC/PAL)
mxAddEdlTitle Set the EDL title
mxCreateEvent Create an event in the MaxDll EDL database
mxAddNote Add an EDL note to the current event
mxCompleteList Verify data integrity, clean the EDL and process as requested
mxSaveList Save EDL to a file
mxLoadList Read an EDL from a file into the MaxDll database
mxReadNextEventData Read each event's data
mxClearList Clear the MaxDll database
mxDisplayList Initiates client supplied display function

Clean up  and die

mxStringToTc Time-code string to time-code value
mxTcToString Time-code value to string

See the MaxDll.h file for more information.