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What's new in EdlMax Version 9.1

EdlMax 9.1 refines the EdlMax heritage with improved menus, updated and revised Help, and expanded Modification options.

Revised Help - Updated, revised, and also now online New
Tool-tip help on dialog controls
Context-sensitive help
Revised menus
New Modification functions to Retain or Recalculate NDF/DF timecode
New Multi-Edl from Omf track assignment dialog

New sequential Multi-Edl save

  Download EdlMax 9.1 trial version

EdlMax is available in two versions - EdlMax24 and EdlMaxPro.

Omf Tree View  - Omfs are presented in a new Omf Tree View, displaying a unique and useful view of Omf edit data.
Improved Omf parsing - Omf import and export code has been completely rewritten, improving reliability and speed.

Multi-Edls from Omf tracks - EdlMaxPro will automatically extract independent Edls from each tracks of an Omf. New track-to-Edl mapping dialog
bulMulti-Edl Omf track-to-Edl mapping dialog
bulMulti-Edl sequential Edl save
Ale Export - Convert Edls and Omfs to Ale.


Version 9.1

Continued refinement of the EdlMax Edl engine improves Edl parsing and compatibility.
modChange timeode type Modification functions to Retain or Recalculate NDF/DF timecode