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EdlMaxPro is an edit data management application for working with Open Media Framework (Omf), Avid Log Exchange (Ale), and Edit Decision List (Edl) files. It can convert between Omf, Ale, and Edl, and includes all the powerful Edl processing features of EdlMax24.

Menu organization is designed and labeled for intuitive use and readability. Carefully selected output defaults help assure the generation of trouble-free output.

EdlMaxPro automatically detects the format (Edl, Ale, Omf1 / Omf2) on input. Omf reading is robust and reliable, handling Avid Media Composer and Film Composer Omfs. Omf Tree View provides a unique tool for examining Omf contents. Edl parsing performs extensive processing on the incoming Edl, correcting inconsistencies for a reliable Edl load.

EdlMaxPro conversion amongst Omf, Ale, and Edl provides a wide range of workflow possibilities.

EdlMax Help is available online.

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EdlMaxPro can read Omf2 composition edit data and embedded audio media, and Omf1 media files with audio media. Video media descriptions are retained. Omf information is displayed in a unique Omf Tree View window.

It can write Omf1 and Omf2 with embedded audio media. The user can select output tracks, consolidation, inclusion of embedded media, and more.

Omf conversion to Edl - EdlMaxPro can automatically extract Multiple-Edls from tracks of an Omf .

Omf conversion to Ale - Extracts all the source clip data from the Omf into the Ale.


EdlMaxPro can read and write Ale files.

Ale conversion to Omf - An Omf saved from an Ale will contain all the Ale source clips and a synthesized composition timeline with all the source clips on it.

Ale conversion to Edl - An Edl converted from an Ale contains all the source clips as events along a synthesized record timeline. Multiple Edls can be automatically created of the separate tracks of the clips.


EdlMaxPro has all the Edl features of EdlMax24.including format conversion (CMX, GVG, and Sony), optimization, editing, and frame-rate conversion (30<>25<>24).

Edl conversion to Omf - Omfs saved from an Edl contain the sequence, source clips, and effects from the Edl. In the case of a 24fps Edl, the Omf is a "Film Composer style" Omf i.e.: with 3:2 pulldown tape sources.

Edl conversion to Ale - Converts all Edl tape sources to Ale entries.


Platform - Windows NT, 2000 and XP.
Security - EdlMax Software Security
EDL Formats - GVG, CMX, Sony EDL files from DOS disks. 
OMF Input - OMF v1.0 media files (no compositions), v2.0
OMF Output - OMF v1.0 v2.0 (audio only for v2.0)
ALE Input and output


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