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MaxOmfSdk is a development toolset for implementing Omf and Ale within your application. It manages complete compositions at 30, 25, and 24fps, including 3:2 pull-down projects, and supports embedded audio media.

MaxOmfSdk is a Windows dll with an extern "C" API, providing functions for opening and writing Omf and Ale files, extracting and populating edit data, and evoking consolidation and processing.

MaxOmfSdk Help provides a complete description of MaxOmfSdk and it's API, including overview, build information, data types, and function documentation.



MaxOmfSdkDemo provides an MSVC MFC multi-document project demonstrating the use of MaxOmfSdk.



Developer Tools MaxOmfSdk includes 3 powerful Omf development tools:

  • EdlMax Developer - EdlMax can be activated in a special Developer Mode for expanded Omf information
  • MaxOmfDump - Provides a greatly expanded and reliable version of the tradition Omf Dump tool
  • MaxOmfWalk - A unique and pwerful Omf dump utility


Developing Successful Omf Interchange -The MaxOmfSdk Omf Toolkit chronicles the challenges of Omf development and the need for MaxOmfSdk

The MaxOmfSdk toolkit has undergone years of development and testing as demonstrated by the EdlMax24 and EdlMaxPro products and the EdlMax Omf iimplementation for Sony Xpr

Licensing of MaxOmfSdk is available in two forms - middle ware, for facilities and system integrators, and OEM, for inclusion in commercial products.

For more information or to obtain an evaluation copy of MaxOmfSdk and MaxOmfSdkDemo, please contact - Brooks Harris at sales@edlmax.com