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MaxMediaSdk is a DirectShow to Omf conversion library. It can convert between the multiple, associated, video and audio Omf media files which make up an Omf "clip" and interleaved DirectShow formats.

The toolkit is a Windows dll. The API is exported c++ and provides functions for selecting input and output directories, automatic naming of files, format selections, etc. The conversion process is multi-threaded with progress and error messaging.

Converting from Omf to DirectShow, MaxMediaSdk scans an Omf media directory to locate sets of associated Omf media files, opens requested DirectShow files, and streams the decompressed Omf media to the DirectShow.

Making DirectShow from Omf, sets of associated Omf files are opened and DirectShow media is de-interleaved, decompressed, and streamed to the compressed Omf files. The resulting associated Omf files sets will import to Avid systems as single clips, complete with audio/video synchronization.

MaxMediaSdk can also convert sets of Omf files to other Omf formats.

Using MaxOmfSdk and MaxMediaSdk together can support applications capable of handling complete Omf compositions and inventories of external Omf media files.

Licensing of MaxMediaSdk is available in several configurations.

Implementation and testing of edit data support can be complex because of the many possible workflow paths and foreign data. We are especially qualified to assist in you in integrating the EdlMax SDKs into your product or workflow.

Available 1st Quarter, 2006

Omf media formats include:

Audio -

  • SD2
  • WAVE
  • AIFF
Video -
  • Avid AVR2m
  • Avid AVR3m
  • Avid AVR4m
  • Avid AVR6m
  • Avid AVR2s
  • Avid AVR3s
  • Avid AVR4s
  • Avid AVR6s
  • Avid AVR8s
  • Avid AVR9s
  • Avid AVR12
  • Avid AVR70
  • Avid AVR75
  • Avid AVR77
  • DV