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EdlMax24 is the most comprehensive Edit Decision List (Edl) management application available It provides trouble-free Edl format conversions, cleaning, on-line assembly optimizations, advanced Edl manipulation and editing, and frame-rate conversion.

Ease of use flows from a no-nonsense windowed interface. Menu organization is designed and labeled for intuitive use and readability. Carefully selected output defaults help assure the generation of trouble-free Edls.

EdlMax24 automatically detects the Edl format (CMX, GVG, and Sony) on input. The sophisticated input parser performs extensive processing on the incoming Edl, correcting inconsistencies for a reliable Edl load. With selectable output of CMX, GVG, Sony, to DOS and Windows disks, EdlMax24 eliminates the usual hassles of Edl management.

EdlMax24's frame-rate conversion accuracy has been shown to be error free, producing frame-accurate 24p EDLs from Avid Film Composer projects, and near-perfect 24p EDLs from other 30fps frame-based editing systems.

Only EdlMax can generate Edls for error-free import to Avid sequence, Quantel EditBox/Henry, and Screensound. By specially tailoring the list, EdlMax can assure loading to these advanced devices. When you need this, you need it bad.

Optimization is in a class by itself. Mix and match features like Pre-read, Interleaving, Sequencing, and Grouping for faster online assemblies. The unique Summary feature helps you evaluate the list by performing a "virtual" auto-conform of the list, and reporting Edl statistics and assembly time estimates. No other Edl tool gives you such organizational flexibility or provides you with this kind of information about your Edl.

Advanced Edl editing macros make dealing with typical Edl problems easy and allow sophisticated list manipulation and modification. EdlMax can fix it.

EdlMax Help is available online.

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Edl Formats
Automatic EDL Format Detection - CMX/GVG and Sony 9100/910 
Output EDL Format Selectable - CMX, GVG, and Sony 9100 
Edl Format Conversion

Frame-rate Conversion

Event Organization
Pre-read Effects - All or B-rolls only 
Interleave Reels - 2, 3, or 4 reels, alternated 
Group Effects and their preceding match edits 
Group Aux & Black Edits 
Sequence - by Record, Source, Reel 
Maximize A/V, Use Splits 
Pre-read Effects - All or B-rolls only 
Effects as CUTS
Include/Exclude - V1234, Black Audio Edits, Notes 
Online Assembly Optimization

Replace Reel Names
Move & Copy Audio Channels
Change Timecode Type
Trim Source
Record Ripple
Edl Title
Delete Events

Clean Edl
Audit trail notes 

Summary - EDL Report 
EDL Statistics 
Estimate Tape-based Assembly Time 
Tape Load Guide 

Presets and Special Processing
Film Selects Pull (Telecine guide list)
AVID Import 1, 2
AVID Import 3, 4 (Import Chans 3&4 into Avid)
EditBox/Henry ALL 
EditBox/Henry VIDEO 
Screensound Chans 1, 2 PGM 
Screensound Chans 3, 4 PGM 
Screensound Chans 1, 2 LOAD (condense EDL for fast load) 
Screensound Chans 3, 4 LOAD (condense EDL for fast load) 
AudioFile NON-DROP 

Online Help 
Platform - Windows NT, 2000 and XP.
Security - EdlMax Software Security
EDL Formats - GVG, CMX, Sony EDL files from DOS disks.
NTSC/PAL/FILM Selectable 

and Specifications