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Software Services and Consulting

EdlMax is pleased to offer software services and consulting to bridge the gaps in professional file-based workflows.

We specialize in Avid interoperability. Years of development and testing of Avid-compatible solutions in real-world environments have resulted in tools that can solve Avid interface challenges. We are expert in Aaf compositions, Mxf media, and Ale metadata. We provide Edl solutions including frame rate conversions.

We can provide specialized streaming and transcode solutions utilizing proprietary technologies, Quicktime, and DirectShow including targeting Avid media and Isis directly. Metadata can be coordinated with your SQL solutions. We support SDI hardware and legacy systems with Vtr machine control.

Our hands-on experience in editing, post-production, and broadcast brings a unique perspective on software development with an informed sensitivity to your needs and existing infrastructure. We’d be pleased to consider projects from simple metadata processing and interfacing to integrated streaming and transcode solutions.

If you feel your project may benefit from our experience, please contact Brooks Harris at sales@edlmax.com.

Formats and Media
Aaf, Mxf, Omf, Ale, Edl
Quicktime, DirectShow
MPeg4, H,264, MJPeg,
Sql Server, MySql
SDI, Serial Vtr control

Development Environments and APIs
c/c++, MSVC, MFC, Win32/64
DirectShow, DirectDraw, ActiveX, COM
Structured Storage, DAO, ODBC, SQL, PDH
Intel Performance Primitives, Quicktime c++ API
Jpeg Group Jpeg, Sony XDCam SDK
Aaf Toolkit, Omf Toolkit, mxfLib, libmxf, Ingex
BlackMagic, Aja, Dvs, AfterEffects

National Football network – Quicktime-to-Avid Omf/Mxf transcoder – custom integration
AmberFin – Edl input/output – MaxEdlSDK license
Diligent – SQL Server and FoxPro – 30-to-24fps conversions custom application
Sony - Xpri - Edl, Omf, and AE Integration – MaxOmfSDK license and implementation
Accom - Affinity Edl Tool Implementation – MaxEdlSDK license and implementation
Editware – “409” Edl Manager – branded MaxEdlSDK license and implementation
Incite – Edl Tool – MaxEdlSDK license
Avid – McxExpress – Omf/Edl support - McxEdl - licensed application

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