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EdlMax offers software services and products to bridge the gaps in professional file-based workflows.

Since the introduction of the original EdlMax Edit Decision List (Edl) management application, EdlMax has expanded its expertise and products to include support for Open Media Framework (Omf), Avid Log Exchange (Ale), Advanced Authoring Format (Aaf), and Material Exchange Format (Mxf) .

We specialize in Avid interoperability. Years of development and testing of Avid-compatible solutions in real-world environments have resulted in tools that can solve your Avid interface challenges. We are expert in Aaf compositions, Mxf media, and Ale metadata. We provide Edl solutions including frame rate conversions.

EdlMax offers EdlMax, OEM and integrator software SDKs, RapidTransit OnePass Digitzer, and software services, and consulting.

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