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MaxOmfSdk Omf Developer Tools

MaxOmfSdk includes a set of development tools for evaluating Omf contents and debugging Omf applications. Used together, they provide many ways to enhance Omf development.

EdlMaxPro Developer

EdlMaxPro Developer displays a Developer Omf Tree View containing the complete Omf object model in native Omf names as seen by the EdlMax Omf engine. EdlMaxPro Developer uses the EdlMax Omf engine, the same code in MaxOmfSdk, to parse and generate the display.

Use it as a convenient viewer and to verify the objects and values read by EdlMax and MaxOmfSdk. Use EdlMaxPro's Edl and Ale capabilities as additional methods of examining Omf data.


MaxOmfDump is an extended GUI version of the traditional Omf Dump tool, showing a formatted text representation of Omf contents. Data is presented in the Omf's natural tree order.

Use it as your first and basic guide when evaluating Omf contents.


MaxOmfWalk is a unique GUI tool which presents the Omf objects and properties in a linear "walk" of the Omf file in formatted text. It is similar to to the traditional TOC Dump utility, reading the lowest levels of the Omf's Bento Container.

Use it when investigating specific errors or to examine the contents of new or unknown object types and properties.

Omf Developer Tools are available with MaxOmfSdk.