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MaxOmfSdk Omf Developer Tools


MaxOmfDump is an extended GUI version of the traditional Omf Dump tool, showing a formatted text representation of Omf contents. Data is presented in the Omf's natural order. Use it as your first and basic guide when evaluating Omf contents.

MaxOmfDump a primary in-house development tool at EdlMax, the result of years of Omf development experience. It includes significant debugging of the Bento Container and Omfi-to-Bento interface code. It also embodies reverse engineering and workarounds for many Avid-implementation-specific objects and properties. This has led to a reliable and comprehensive Omf dump utility.

The report includes

  • Object registered name
  • Object Bento ID
  • Object Mob ID
  • Property registered name
  • Property value registered name
  • Property value

Binary hex-dumps include:

  • Media descriptor "summary" property values
  • The first 51K of media
  • Effects Globals
  • Key Frame Data

A complete report on some file samples may be very large. Selection of verbose report options are available from the Options >> Select Extended Data menu.


  • Binary - include hex-dump of binary property values.
  • Properties Table - include listing of the file's property table
  • Class Dictionary - include listing of file's class dictionary table
  • Data Definition - include listing of files's data definitions

MaxOmfDump screen:OmfDump_Open1

Omf Developer Tools are available with MaxOmfSdk.