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EdlMax uses a proprietary software security system to protect your investment. The system will attach each copy of EdlMax to the specific computer it is installed on. Please be sure you have placed a fresh copy of EdlMax on the machine you intend to use it on before you activate it.

To activate or upgrade your copy of EdlMax:

Select Upgrade EdlMax from the Option menu.

This will display the Activation window.

Email the Locking Code string to your EdlMax vender.at sales@edlmax.com. Please include the order number you received via email from the online web store.

Your vender will verify your purchase and issue an Activation Code, returning to you by email.

Paste the Activation Code into the Activation Code window and hit "Activate Feature". EdlMax will signal acceptance and close itself. The next time EdlMax is run, it is activated with the requested feature.